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https://altustravels.com/ is an e-commerce company offering online travel products and services.

Our customers can access our web site for a ‘one-stop shop’ including access to specially negotiated airfares, hotels, car rental and insurance.

As a travel solution provider we have made our mark in a crowded and opaque marketplace by being what our customers have asked of us; we are transparent, fair and committed to providing you with what you want, not what we think you want nor what our suppliers want you to have. We have invested heavily in technology to ensure that we can make your online experience a simple and jargon-free process. We also recognize that our customers may want to speak to someone about their travel requirements and to this end we have provided you with the backing of well-trained travel professionals who have been in the industry for several years. A family run business focuses on core values that mirror the values of the management team. This translate into a passion for doing what they do well, and that means meeting the needs of its customers and ensuring that the service is always at the forefront of whatever they do and making sure that the customer receives value for money. Proactive approach to travel management

We listen to what you want | 27/7 service

https://altustravels.com/ provide a 24/7, 365 days a year personalized emergency service. Regardless of the time of the day or what part of the world your travelers are in, they will always speak to one of our travel consultants.

Our Global People

https://altustravels.com/ recognizes that our people are our greatest asset and represent the lifeblood of the business. By providing an excellent environment from which our teams of people are able to develop and add to their skills.

https://altustravels.com/ has a strong emphasis placed on effective teamwork. Our teams are based in Birmingham, Pakistan, to ensure that we serve our customers efficiently.

A Better World

We, at https://altustravels.com/ believe in our environment and that is why have developed an ethical trading policy where we offer our customers the option of offsetting their carbon emissions in an easy, user-friendly way.

We are working with a renowned organization who maintains many environmental projects worldwide.

The projects also have wider benefits to the local communities and environment too. They have three types of projects:

  • Renewable energy - replacing non-renewable fuel such as fossil fuels
  • Energy efficiency - reducing the amount of fuel needed
  • Forest restoration - absorbing carbon as the trees grow

Why choose https://altustravels.com/?

At https://altustravels.com/ we’re well known as the leading retail agent of airfares and worldwide flights and we’re experts at giving you no-nonsense advice on getting from one place to another. With experience travel and qualified travel consultants, our business expanding day by day. Our Round the World Experts are our tailor-made specialists, they can give you a deal exactly according to your budget and plans. We have over 30 travel experts in https://altustravels.com/ call center. They can tailor any flights to your trip, tastes and budget. Give us the dates of travelling, how much time you have and your reason for travelling and we’ll do all the legwork. Our experts will find all the options available. Find us on the internet, open 7 days a week, from Monday to Friday 8am to 08pm or at weekends from 8am to 4pm. Send us a email inquiry at Info@https://altustravels.com/. Whether you’re going on a business trip, a city break, beach holiday, adventure safari or simply a great price on a flight, our staff will make sure you get the best deal available. We promise to beat any quote from another UK high street travel agent, online travel agent or call center, for scheduled flights departing the UK.


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