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Refund Policy Altus Travels

If Only the Deposit Amount Is Received by us

If you have made a reservation with us and you just have paid the initial deposit. And after making the reservation, you decid to cancel your reservation, then the following conditions shall be applied:

  • Full Deposit is refundable in case you do not receive the service promised by our representative.
  • Full Deposit is refundable in case you decide to cancel the reservation within 24 hours.
  • Full Deposit is refundable if flights details send on the e mail are not as per agreement.
  • Full Deposit is refundable if the airline changes any schedule.
  • Full Deposit is refundable in case you get cheaper options elsewhere.
  • If Total Amount is received but the ticket has not been issued

If you have paid the full balance but the ticket is not issued yet. Normally, as soon as you pay the full balance, within 2 to 3 hours, we issue e tickets and send all the tickets to the customers by email but if the customer wants us to stop ticket issuing in the meantime or if the airline changes the flight arrangements before issuance or if flight get suspended due to weather conditions, then the following conditions shall be applied:

  • If customer decides to cancel the ticket issuance on his/her own will and there has been no issue from the airline, then £ 20 per passenger will be charged as service charges.
  • If the tickets could not be issued due to unavoidable weather conditions, then full amount is refundable.
  • If the airline cancels schedule, then full refund will be made to customers.
  • If Total Amount is received and the Tickets have been issued
  • If total amount for the ticket/s is received and tickets have already been issued and sent to the customer’s e mail or the postal address, then the following conditions shall be applied:
  • After the ticket is issued, airline refund policy must apply. Different airlines have different refund policies and once the tickets are issued, then we are bound to follow their rules with regards to refunds of the tickets.
  • After the ticket is issued and part journey/ one-way ticket has been used then also, the airline airfare refund rules apply as we must abide by their refund rules.
  • In case of death of a passenger, the death certificates must be presented to apply/request full refund of the unused/ partially used tickets, which we must forward to the respective airline.
  • For non-refundable tickets, only a small portion of refund in forms of some taxes shall be paid back to us from the airline and we shall forward the same to the customer.

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